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CARLAROSSI lives and works in Savona.

In 1973, she attended the 1st Course for Ceramists organized by Regione Liguria in Albisola Sup. In Savona together with some friends, she set up “il gruppo di Via Milano” (the Milano Street group), a laboratory where the art of ceramics comes alive but also the study of ceramics is broadened, as well as the research of  visual arts and the experimentation of other forms of communication.Getting  to know Stelio Rescio, art critic - journalist, was fundamental, as was attending his art and culture centre “il Brandale” (Savona).
- The years from 1974 to 1980 were dedicated essentially to exhibitions of ceramics and refractory material. The choice of the latter can be attributed to a breakaway from the Albissola tradition (whilst still reaching out to maintain a certain pleasantness of form and tonality) and to a personal refusal to give in to gratifying that sort of manipulation  which the art of ceramics easily lends itself to: the sculptures, in fact, look chipped and broken as if they have been fractured and lacerated, almost without any colour.
- The Eighties were dedicated to personal research , recuperating and assembling  of objects found (ranging from Duchamp objet-trouvés to  the Merzbau by Schwitters to  J. Cornell collages);  the use of small drawers as frames/containers, setting up in the open air and in unusual places come from this period too.
- The Nineties saw the experiences gained in previous periods being “assembled and fused” in the heat of a high temperature oven for ceramics or according to the Raku technique.
In fact, the refractory shape, in how it is made, reminds us of an everyday object which has lost its original use, and is joined,with ropes and nails, to pieces of metal or wood 
found on the beach or in abandoned areas. Colour has been almost completely annulled except for “black and white” which comes about  from high temperature fusion of varnishes  (1250°) or from baking and reduction  following the Raku technique. She has held many collective and personal exhibitions in private galleries, museums and in the open air.
The exhibition of 123 objects at the  II Biennale della Ceramica nell’Arte Contemporanea  (Albisola 2003) received very favourable reviews from both Italian and foreign critics.Amongst the foreign reviews was the one from the English journal of contemporary art  FRIEZE  (London, March 2004) and the Brazilian one called  OROBORO  (Coritba 2005).
She also took part in the creation of the monograph issue “Ceramic and glass” in  DADA magazine (Bologna 2006). She was invited by Terres Méditarréennes to partecipate at Forum  (Montecarlo 2007, 2008), Animal (Exotic Garden Montecarlo, 2008) and at Clubs Unesco’ work-shop (Cannes 2008).

In 2008 collective exhibitions  La terra del Fuoco (Avigliana, Turin) and Savona ‘900 un secolo di pittura, scultura e ceramica  (Savona)

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Corso Vittorio Veneto, 6/2

17100 SAVONA